I give my kids one last hug before I drop them off at my ex and won't see them for another 2 weeks and I leave for work. Suddenly last Friday's message pops into my head, she said: "Keep an eye on your phone". 

I turn onto the highway and hear my phone ring. Businesslike and distant I answer this call, but the moment I hang up, the message hits hard. 

I have just been told that I may not have long to live. I have cancer. How am I going to explain to my kids that Daddy is going to die? How am I going to tell my parents they are going to lose their son? My life flashes before me. 

But I survive! 2 weeks after this all-changing phone call, my leg loses the battle with cancer and I am amputated, but since that day I am more complete and more balanced than ever before.

During my keynote I will take you from great heights, power, status, ego and money, to deep valleys, loneliness and financial distress. I show you pure and raw that life is full of choices, only if you dare to choose and accept the consequences of your choices.

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